Writer's Block: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

I want my children to have what I never did.  My husband & I both moved around a lot while growing up & never stayed in one place long enough to make -true- friends.  We decided when we had kids that where ever we were when they reached school age was where we'd be until they graduated.  We've changed houses a few times but we are in the same district we started in.  The oldest is in the 5th grade now & I love that he knows everyone in his grade because they've all been together since Kindergarten.  It's also nice to chaperone on a field trip & know most of the kids by name if not by sight.

Yes, I want them to get good grades, go to a good school, get good-paying jobs that they love & so on.  But to be perfectly honest, The toughest situations in life are so much easier when you have the shoulder of a good friend to lean on.  Life is so much richer when it's filled with people who care about you & that you care about.  World peace would be nice, but let's be honest...the odds of it happening soon are slim.  When the shit hits the fan I want my kids to have that support network underneath them.

My dream for my kids?  True friendships that last.


ok so i suck at this

i never update i never post...but what can i say? i'm a mom of 3 kids & when i DO get to sit i'm so dam tired i forgot why i sat in the first place...lol

gotta get my ass in gear - i need to get started on some etching so i can hopefully get some sold this winter...or at least for NEXT year...lol

anxiously awaiting school (YAY for the 24th!!!) so i can have a little free time to get my life in order (read: clean)...yeah sure:P
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it's cold :(

well yet another cake class went by this week & i am enjoying it more & more...especially since i was successful in making roses :D:D:D

the weather's been crap lately...cold, rain, hail...*sigh*

kids are...well...kids i guess

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it's been a helluva day at sea, sir!

actually, it's been a helluva weekend. 

friday we...um...hell i don't even remember friday but i know something exausting happened.

no...wait...NOW i remember.  rick was supposed to go to his mom's & change the motor in his car...no one was there when we got there so he decided to go with me & lily to have lunch with gram & her friend who were passing through.  after lunch i dropped rick back off at his moms & went to town with lily to go to the store & run errands.  we get back home JUST in time for the bus..at which point i realize i forgot the dog's food i take all 3 kids & i go BACK out.   fun shit.   rick comes home eventually...sans the new motor...
that's a long story for another day.

saturday we decided to take the kids hiking cause it was goregous.  after the 2 or so miles of hiking we got ice cream :)  (this was after i spent the AM doing laundry, mind you, & hung it to dry in the yard)  dishes...dinner...i was TIRED...went to bed @ 9.

TODAY we again had lunch with gram (she waqs going home this time) & then did some driving to find some caverns we'd like to explore later this summer.  hit a thrift store & bought the kids a new monitor for their comp...only to bring it home & find out their power supply died.  *sigh*

thank god for school tomorrow...now i'll have time to make another cake & frosting for my class on tuesday. 

it never ends.....
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yeah, yeah, i know...

i don't post here enough...every couple years seems to be the average...but who reads it anyways??

it's been crazy here as usual...kids are 4 (lily) 6 (skyler) & 8 (adian) now & in preschool, 1st & 2nd grades, respectively.   i've been super getting lily back & forth to school & keeping the house (semi)kept up. 

i've also started taking cake decorating lessons recently...it's been interesting...lol
for pics check my myspace:)

maybe i'll start keeping this up again...maybe.
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(no subject)

 ok so it's been....what 2 years? 2 1/2 years since i've posted in here.

a lot has happened since then, obviously.  
adian is in 1st grade, skyler is in kindergarden & lily is now 3.  rick is no longer working for 7up (YAY) he's now working for pepsi making $4 more on the hour than he was before.  
we lost rick's brother, jason, just over a year ago in a motorcycle accident so it's been a hard year for him & the rest of the family. 
things have not been the best for us for the most part but with the new job things are actually starting to look up.  
hopefully things will CONTINUE to look up & maybe we can finally get out of this sinkhole that we seem to be stagnating in.  
anyways enough boring stuffs....i might actually keep this journal up for a while so there's no reason for me to bore you to death right away - there's plenty of time for that later.

nothing & everything...

umm...let's see....

blew a tire in the van the other day..in the middle of nowhere...no cellphone...all 3 kids with me...by myself.   is there any OTHER way to blow a tire?...lol...fixed now but certainly stressful enough

oh yeah & it was on my anniversary too...happy fucking anniversary *rolls eyes*

house is semi-clean & it's hotter than hell here....

nothing too exciting otherwise...lily will be crawling soon - she's up & rocking & trying to pull up on the couch yay!   and the boys are irritating monsters...lol

anyone want some free kids?


there carla you happy now?....lol

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ok so i'm a bad girl...so sue me

i'm lazy...i don't update & honestly i don't care...lol
gotten tired of my messy house & rick constantly bitchin so i've been gettin off my ass & cleaning...oh gods the horrors!!

my kids are driving me up a damn wall - the boys won't listen anymore & if you tell them "no" they come back 2 seconds later with "now?"
lily is teething & her first tooth is through (YAY YAY YAY) she was a screaming bitch til it came through....damn

and nothing else too exciting is going on here...on friday we go see Veggietales live in columbus & in august rivk & i go take a night off (saturday THROUGH sunday thank god) & go see Phantom of the Opera (plus a hotel room)
right in time for a late anniversary (that is in 8 days) so we'll get the "honeymoon" we never had

ok, bored you all enough i'm gone!
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think i'm the only person who reads this & if anyone else does i bet they're bored beyond tears...


been a shitty month & i feel crappy



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